Friday, February 18, 2011

Gingerbread House Party!

When one has the happy burden of having too many lovely friends one needs to be creative in how appreciation and thanks is given at the festive season (ie buying that many presents is a bit silly!) So last Christmas I forwent the perils of present giving and invited my nearest and dearest to a gingerbread making party. Each guest was given a lump of  dough, a bag of white royal icing and a paper plate to sit their creation upon.

I'm back!

I haven't been writing but I've been baking!
 After a good six months  Ms Cupcake returns by popular demand! This means there is six months of baking and decorating to discuss.I'll start with rainbows! I've never been one to shy away from colour...even the time when perhaps I ought to have.
  I've observed that as a general rule people tend to back away slowly from foods with a brightened hue for fear that the excessive amounts of food colorings are going to make them ill (I suggest that perhaps they ought to be more concerned by the sugar content). So you can imagine my delight when I discovered a way to have your bright red cake and eat it too!

 before baking, bright but not intense